About Neon

With Neon, our goal was to create an easy and secure payment platform to help you save time and pay your bills. That's why we created an application that you can subscribe to for free.

Neon is an innovative, easy and secure application where you can pay your bills from a single area, organize your bills and keep track of the payments.

You don't need to go to the institution, make a phone call or remember passwords to pay. You pay your bills safely and easily without ever leaving your home. Now, all you have to do is log in and sign up for free.

With Neon, we wanted you to spend more time on the important things, pay your bills in a few seconds and don't worry.

Thank you for being a neon member!

You Are Safe With Neon

Safety is a priority for us. The Neon app is bank-level secure, data is always transferred over an SSL connection.

Payment Processing Times

Neon's technology is so easy to use that you can collect payments faster. Payment is completed within 1 business day.